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FREDDY MLS is a suite of PC and WEB software systems written to manage Real Estate Multi-List Systems. From the Board of Realty level to the individual real estate company, the individual agent, and public access web sites, FREDDY provides a total solution to MLS management.

The heart of the FREDDY technology is the internet. Every aspect of the MLS system, including all reporting, data analysis, updating and management can be accessed on the internet using secure server technology. The majority of functions require only a web browser. Other components are designed to run on Windows based PC's and local area networks.

FREDDY also allows an in-office LAN based solution for managing listings in a single office which does not need internet access to listings.

A variety of blended solutions are possible which allow access to the MLS system from almost any device and any location.

FREDDY provides an extensive set of data mining tools including comprehensive market analysis, client prospecting tools, automatic e-mail notifications, showing logs, open house scheduels and lists, printed flyers, customized personal searches and much more.


The FREDDY public acccess web site is designed to run from the actual MLS system. Where agents and brokers have secure access to the entire MLS database, the public has a limited view designed for easy access to listings and general information.

The public access site provides a robust set of client prospecting tools. Searches can be performed on a wide range of terms. Multiple photos can provide a virtual tour of any property.

Automatic e-mail notifications link the agent to the client. A client or agent can set up personal searches describing the desired home. Anytime a home matching that description come on the market, of if an existing listing is changed and now matches the description, automatic e-mails are sent to the client AND to the realtor.

Examples of the FREDDY public web sites may be viewed at BAY CITY HOMES and SAGINAW HOMES.


There are times and places where the internet is just not available (although those places are becoming harder to find.) MOBILE FREDDY allows the entire MLS system to be downloaded to a PC or laptop and taken on the road, to the cabin, or out on the boat.

FREDDY also provides PALM downloads. Select the information that you want, load it into your Palm based Mobile Database and hit the road. Even more information and programs are available for Windows CE based palmtops.


The ancestor of today's FREDDY was designed and written in 1982. The program was commissioned by OJ Advertising, Inc. (OJA) in Bay City, Mighigan to automate the job of laying out Homes magazine pages. (OJA is now the parent company of Mid-Michigan Computer Consultants (MMCC) and the combined companies are referred to as OJA/MMCC).

OJA is the publisher of the Bay City and Saginaw Michigan HOMES magazines. Before FREDDY, real estate offices would assemble their ads from clippings, hand written notes, shoe boxes of pictures and scraps of paper. It took too long, was too dis-organized, and everyone hated it.

FREDDY changed then entire world. Listings were organized by the computer. Page layouts was a simple on-screen process. When everything was ready, a diskette of the layout was sent to OJA where it was easily loaded by the pre-press composition staff.

Today's FREDDY is far advanced from those early days, but the principle is the same: automate the job of laying out a homes page advertisement. Using MMCC's P3 Publishing technology, the job is even faster, easiser and more effective.

FREDDY P3 is designed for custom real estate magazines where each advertising agency groups their listings together and uses a unique page layout. They organize their listings using the PC based desktop program then send that information to OJA/MMCC over the ineternet. The OJA/MMCC staff uses that data, along with powerful software tools, to create the pages and assemble them into a magazine.


The Freddy E-Z Publisher is a largely automated variant of the full P3 Publisher. The objective is to produce Homes Magazines which have a consistent page layout in a fast and cost effective manner. Property listings are entered and managed by the client on a secure internet web site. The magazine assembly is largely automated with only custom and display ads being manually processed. The result is a high quality book at the lowest price.

Freddy E-Z uses the internet to collect all listing and magazine data. Realtors, or brokers, or MLS offices log into the password controlled system. There they maintain their inventory of property listings.

A unique by-product of the listing inventory system is a companion PUBLIC WEB SITE. This site is available to the world. It provides searching tools, sorts, listing details and photos, agent advertising and many other features.

For magazine publication, the OJA/MMCC staff downloads the entire database the day of publication. Using MMCC's powerful software the majority of the magazine pages are created automatically. The OJA/MMCC staff adds any display advertising and other non-automated components and assembles the magazine. The final product is sent to the printing plant over the internet and the book is produced.

Among the powerful features of Freddy E-Z is the ability to sort listings in any sequence and to also provide indexes and cross references. Listings might be grouped by agency, or price, or bedrooms, or area. There could be a price index, or agent index, or any other index or indexes.

Freddy E-Z is designed for real estate. The same concept and tools are also used by OJA/MMCC for "auto trader" style advertising magazines.

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