Mid-Michigan Computer Consultants, Inc.
Bay City, Michigan


MMCC is committed to providing quality information and services that are both efficient and effective. We've done our share of flashy web pages but we're much more interested in passing on information and doing it quickly.

To this end we've implemented a company policy called WEB SPEED . This policy is little more than THINKING about what we're trying to say and then JUST SAYING IT. If graphics are needed we'll use them. If they not needed we'll stick to plain text.

WEB SPEED is implemented for YOU. If you're like most people, you want information and you want it quickly. As much fun as splashy graphics and animation can be, we've tried to control our enthusasim. Our objective is efficiency and information, not entertainment. So far we've had only positive comments and a lot of "thank yous".

If you have some thoughts we want to hear them. Please send e-mail to support@mmcctech.com . We're always open to ideas.

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