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Comments on Packaged Software

We LOVE packaged software
  • We buy it just like you do.
  • We write and sell it.
  • We advise clients on what to buy.
  • We train users.
  • It's a part of our business.

We HATE packaged software
  • We buy it just like you do.
  • We suffer just like you do.
  • It's bloated.
  • The decisions are made based on advertising potential.
  • It's buggy.
  • Nothing gets fixed
  • What works in one release is broken by the next.
  • Custom changes are either not available or very expensive.
  • We must change our way of working to match what the package does.
  • We lose our competitive advantage based on our unique way of working.
  • It's a rat race.

Life Cycle of a software Package
  • Inspired programmer or small group writes the original package.
    • They know the target audience, often working in that field.
    • They have passion.
    • They know their stuff.
    • The team is small and understands their creation.

  • The package is a hit with a group of users.

  • The package is marketed to a larger group and takes off.

  • The package is discovered by a software publishing company which buys the company.

  • The package is heavily marketed.

  • The original programming team leaves.
    • They take the money and run.
    • They get bored or frustrated with the restrictions of the larger company bureaucracy.
    • They're eased out of the package because they're too expensive for the new company.

  • Support is passed to a new team.

  • Customers begin to be unhappy
    • The package loses it's punch and excitement.
    • New features are baed on marketing potential, not customer needs.
    • The new support team doesn't understand the business.
    • They don't understand the program.
    • They don't care.
    • The support team turnover is high.
    • They're overworked and underqualified
    • They're inexpensive employees.

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