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ANSI Standard PL/B Language
Working on the O'Reilly WebSite tests.
This is REALLY OLD STUFF! July 1998
We were testing with the O'Reilly WebSite.

I'll leave it up just in case we ever come back to it.

Website demo was installed to run on the laptop.

Go to programs, Website Pro, Start Server to get the server running.

When ready to turn it off, right click on the "cloud and lightening" in the system tray and shutdown the server.

Once the website is running you can broswe to "localhost" with any browser.

From DOS you can PING localhost to see if it's running.


There are other setup notes in the Website folder. T. Greer provided some details.

Compile PL/B programs using either the PLBWIN compiler or the PLBCMP compiler. There's an ACB.BAT file in the HOMES directory of drive D on the W95 development machine.

To exercize lots of mixed system components testing was done using this development method:
  • The test CGI program is ZZTEST.PLC.
  • Source code was in D:\HOMES on the W95 machine
  • TED edit the source from the old DOS machine via network.
  • Compile on the W95 machine using ACB.BAT running in a DOS box.
  • After compile, copy the .PLC to diskette on the DOS machine via the network.
  • Copy from diskette to the website\cgi-win folder on the laptop.

On the laptop the HTML goes in the website\htdocs folder. The FORMS html page is SUNTEST.HTM. It builds a form and calls ZZTEST.PLC as the running program.

Test data is an INDEXED file of BACC data called BAYAREA2.TXT (with associated .ISI file). The index is for names alphabetically.

When you use the SUNTEST.HTM form to call ZZTEST.PLC, that program will build an HTML file and table with all the companies starting with the letter that you're calling for in the form.


O'Reilly doesn't use standard in/out. Instead it writes everything to a temporary .INI file. We know the filename but it can be requested by the program with an API call. That call is in the test program.

The test program will read and parse the INI file to figure out what has been requested. The file has everything that's available.

The output HTML must be written into another temporary file. The API call will tell you the name of the file to write.

The only problem encountered that PLB pops up a window on the server. That doesn't cause a problem but it would be nice to NOT have it pop up. Might be able to turn that off with a WINHIDE instruction. You CAN do KEYIN and DISPLAY in that window which can be a nice testing tool.


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