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Plb-0256.cfm v1.0


ANSI Standard PL/B Language and Visual PL/B

Distribution Files

This web resource is written for our own use. But we feel strongly that the PL/B language should be shared with the software community. So feel free to use this at will! BUT PLEASE... if you find errors or omissions or have a better way to do something. TELL US! Dialog helps us all. Send e-mail to:
December 14, 1998

For a SINGLE USER installation.
When we put a new PL/B Windows system at client sites we put everything in a SINGLE DIRECTORY: We keep a file named PLBWTRAN.ZIP in the SUNBELT\CODE directory on the primary development machine that contains these files.

That file can be zipped using a control file PLBWTRAN.LIS using the command (run on the W95 machine):

There's a copy of that control file on both the download directory and on the main development machine.
NOTE: We distribute two special versions of the PLBWIN.INI file with the runtime download. One is .INK and one is .INS. We use those names so that we don't overwrite a client specific INI file with a software update.
We ran this on Windows 3.11 systems using the WIN32S system. All programs seemed to work fine although some of the large data lists would not work. Programs run on W3.11 must be written with that restriction in mind. There are examples in the STP system.
We no longer support Windows 3.x as of Summer 2000.


PROGRAM EXECUTION:       Single user. Client Site.

PROGRAM EXECUTION:       MMCC Corporate site.


The PLBWIN.INI contents should contain at least these lines:
NOTE: You can execute PLBWIN and use a private INI file by making your start line (or shortcut):
        PLBWIN -i {ini file path}   {program name}

Full list of options can be found in the PL/B WINDOWS RUNTIME on-line help file.


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