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Plb-0440.cfm v1.0


ANSI Standard PL/B Language and Visual PL/B


This web resource is written for our own use. But we feel strongly that the PL/B language should be shared with the software community. So feel free to use this at will! BUT PLEASE... if you find errors or omissions or have a better way to do something. TELL US! Dialog helps us all. Send e-mail to:

[label] GETMODE {list}={value}[,{list}={value},...]
This has a variety of useful functions.
List controls determine the information returned by the GETMODE instruction.
The following List Controls are supported:
Control The value returned is the ...
*3D 3D effect state.
*AAMEXT AAM file extension.
*ALIASNAME external program alias name.
*APSPOOL client printing and spooling mode.
*BGCOLOR background color.
*CARET KEYIN cursor state.
*COMPILER compiler version number.
*COMPSUNFM file manager compression state.
*CURDIR current working directory.
*CLOCKDATE date format.
*CLOCKUSEIP CLOCK date and time source server address.
*DEFPRT default printer name.
*DISPFLUSH immediate KEYIN and DISPLAY output state.
*DSPMODE output redirection mode.
*EDITHILITE EDITTEXT highlight mode.
*ERRORDLG runtime error dialog control.
*F1 F1 mode state.
*F10 F10 mode state.
*F1HELP F1HELP mode state.
*FULLSCR full screen mode state.
*GUI GUI instruction set.
*GRAYSCALE runtime gray scaling state.
*HANDISPLAY output redirection file handle.
*HANKEYIN input redirection file handle.
*HANSTDIN input redirection file handle.
*HANSTDOUT output redirection file handle.
*INICURRENT current working directory INI file name.
*INIGLOBAL global INI file name.
*INILOCAL local workstation INI file name.
*ISIEXT default ISI file extension.
*KEYMODE input redirection mode.
*LOCKIO forced I/O locks state.
*LOGONKEY file manager logon key.
*LTGRAY light gray color replacement mode.
*NODEFTABID default tab identification number generation mode state.
*OLDDRAW 8.0 drawing mode for objects state.
*OPENABS open absolute mode state.
*OPENUSEIP the current string settings for PLB_OPENUSEIP.
*PIXEL pixel screen address mode state.
*PLCEXT default PL/B program file extension.
*PREPBYMFD actions of the PREPARE instruction.
*PREPUSEIP the current string settings for PLB_PREPUSEIP.
*PROGNAME original program name when compiled.
*PROGSERIAL program serial number.
*PROGSTAMP program timestamp.
*PROGVER program compiler version.
*PUBLICKEY file manager public key.
*RMSAAMEXT default RMS AAM file extension.
*RMSISIEXT default RMS ISI file extension.
*RMSTXTEXT default RMS TXT file extension.
*SCREEN character mode operations state.
*SHAREFLUSH shared file flush state.
*SHIFTINV set of characters in the shift inversion table.
*SHUTDOWN shutdown mode state.
*SKIPFOCUS gain focus event mode for a reactivated window state.
*SORTMEM working memory size for the Sort instruction.
*SPLEXT default spool file extension.
*SPLUSEIP default Sunbelt File Manager IP address for spooled output.
*TASKID current task identifier.
*THREADID current thread identifier of an object running under the automation server.
*THREADRDY current state of an object running under the automation server.
*TXTEXT default text file extension.
*UPPERCASE set of characters in the case conversion table.
*USEDBCTYPE SWDBC TYPE compatibility state.
*USE7F the logical record termination character for DATALIST or COMBOBOX data.
*USESPLEXT use default spool file extension on SPLOPEN state.


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