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ANSI Standard PL/B Language and Visual PL/B

PL/B Sunbelt License

PL/B Sunbelt License

Sunbelt uses a license file for it's products. Part of the license is the number of concurrent users allowed.

You can view the current license information using PLBCON from a command prompt with the "-e" option.

You can do this with PLBWIN, but it doesn't have a main window so there's no place to show the data. If you use PLBWIN, redirect output with the greather than sign to a file then type the file.

In the event that you normally use an INI file other than PLBWIN.INI, you will probably need to use that as well on your command line.

Here are two examples. The first is run on a system where PLBWIN was installed normally and the registery is nice and proper. The second is run on a client machine where we just copy the minimum necessary runtime files to their computer. In that second case we're using PLBWIN and the ini file that's normally used by the port in question.

When you get a new license from Sunbelt they just send the authorization code as a string. It will look something like the following (fake) license string:
If you're running using a PLBWIN.ini file you can add this using the keyword:
If you're running with a DBSERIAL file just put the string in that file using notepad or other editor.


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