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Plb-X010.cfm v1.0


ANSI Standard PL/B Language and Visual PL/B

This web resource is written for our own use. But we feel strongly that the PL/B language should be shared with the software community. So feel free to use this at will! BUT PLEASE... if you find errors or omissions or have a better way to do something. TELL US! Dialog helps us all. Send e-mail to:

XFILE support in PL/B

This is a SUNBELT ONLY language feature.

Sunbelt's XFILE support allows these files to be automatically handled both on disk and in memory.

Little information has been added yet lacking more than a technical description in the Sunbelt manuals. But here are some notes from the web board.
9/27/2011 Herlev in Denmark needed to convert some output to UTF-8 and was wondering how.
>Matthew Lake from Sunbelt replied:

One option would be to use the built in XFILE support. By default, the generated XML is in UTF-8 format. So to convert a string to UTF-8, you can prep a memory XFILE, write the data and use GETFILE to get the content, Then strip the XML.
XF         XFILE
XF1        XFILE
d1         dim      1
UnicodeIn  dim    100
UnicodeOut dim    100
string     dim   1000

   PREP    XF,d1,"root"
   WRITE   XF,seq;recrord=XF1
   WRITE   XF1,seq;Unicode=UnicodeIn
   SCAN    "", string
   BUMP    string, seq
   LENSET  string
   RESET   string
   SCAN    "", string
   BUMP    string, 9
   MOVE    string, UnicodeOut.

(This page is repeated as plb-U010.cfm


Plb-X010.cfm v1.0

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