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POS 2200
Point of Sale Software

Computer Software for
Retail Point of Sale and Inventory Management
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Point of Sale has become a standard software application for retail stores. With the low cost of personal computers and small networks, every store has the ability to use the same kind of management tools that large stores have had for years.

POS 2200 is the name given to a collection of point of sale software tools developed by MMCC. POS-2200 is NOT a single software package. MMCC's specialty is tailoring software to meet the unique needs of clients. Those clients don't want to use the same package that their competitors use if it means that they lose their advantage. MMCC lets the client keep their edge with software that does things their way!

All POS 2200 clients get the advantage of the same robust, tested and proven software as the internal workings of their system. The database and many of the procedures are common to everyone, but the outside, the skin, the user interface often looks completely different from client to client.

POS 2200 started as a small retail point-of-sale computer software package. The system was designed for gift shops and similar retail establishments with a focus on consignment craft stores. Even in that early version, the software was built on a foundation of other proven software in MMCC's library.

As a point-of-sale system the software supports cash drawers, scanners, receipt printers and related equipment. As a data processing system, the software supports a wide range of management reports and tools. Features include inventory control, customer mailing lists, preferred customer cards, purchasing, sales analysis and many other things normally found only in large software package.

Variations of POS 2200 have been tailored for retail stores, consignment stores, craft malls, the resort industry, resturants. One variant of the system is used to manage ad sales for an "auto trader" style magazine and includes a complete pre-press module for sending a finished magazine to the printer. The most unusual variation is a hunting license lottery system for a National Wildlife Refuge.

POS-2200's low cost and modest hardware requirements make this software affordable for small shops! The robust features and traditional data processing methods make it a very flexible platform on which to build systems for large stores and clients with highly specialized needs.


POS 2200 is a very practical package. It is built with high level, industrial strength programming methods, but it was designed to operate on very modest computer hardware. The original MS/DOS version of the software was perfectly happy to run on a 286 based system with 1Mb of RAM and a 40Mb hard disk. A practical (and popular) approach to using this software was to "recycle" old computers to run cash drawers and receipt printers then put a slightly bigger system in the office.

The current version of POS 2200 is written for Microsoft Windows. Still, the system stays true to its DOS roots and requires only a minimal Windows computer. The only requirement is that the version be W/98 or later. The base software requires less than 150 Mb of disk storage. The highly efficient database file structure requires additional storage but seldom over 50 Mb, even for a relatively large shop.

POS 2200 software is written using the
Visual PL/B software development suite. Visual PL/B is based on the ANSI Standard PL/B Language. The software will run on all Windows 98 and later systems. PL/B programs also run on most variants of Linus and UNIX. POS 2200 is fully network aware and can be run in both local and wide area networks. Internet based options are available and many clients use blended desktop and internet environments.


POS 2200 - Standard Edition: Although most clients use semi-custom versions of POS-2200, a base pricing model is used as a starting point. The standard version license, without modifications, is priced at $750 for a single user, Windows based system. The network version is priced at $950 and covers a 2 station network. Additional workstation licenses are $150 each.

MMCC prices software on a sliding scale coresponding to the size of the customer's application. This allows small stores, which require little support and have limited requirements, to afford a professional level system at a reasonable price. Larger stores, with larger requirements, pay additional fees proportional to their needs.

The base system is limited to 1,000 items of inventory and 250 individual customers. Each additional 500 items of inventory are priced at $150. Additional customers are $100 per 250 customers.

MMCC provides a variety of computer, cash drawer, scanner and related point-of-sale equipment. Equipment may be purchased directly from MMCC or the user may provide his own hardware. POS 2200 - Custom Edition: The majority of POS-2200 customers select this software because they want custom extensions and modifications. If they were satisfied to do things the same as their competition, they'd use an off-the-shelf package.

The cost of semi-custom software is determined on a case by case basis. Simple extensions may be done within the base license fee. Highly customized versions are negotiable


For the standard edition of the software, four hours of telephone support are included in the license price. Additional support and training services are provided as needed and billed on an hourly rate.

Most support is done via telephone or e-mail. Direct, computer to computer support services are available using such software tools as PcAnywhere, GoToMyPC, RemoteDesktop, etc.

Support is available weekdays 10:00 am to 6:00 pm EST. In general, support is actually available 24/7, but that is not guaranteed. Support is usually provided by the actual software developers, not a third party support service.

POS 2200 was designed and written by MMCC software developers who have an intimate working knowledge of the retail business. Besides having 30 years of business consulting experience, the designer of this package, with his wife, owned a retail gift shop selling both traditional wholesale merchandise and consignment items.

POS 2200 is continually improved and enhanced. Updates are available at a nominal cost on a regular basis. Custom programs and features to meet client specific needs always available on an hourly billing basis.

For more information about POS 2200 send
e-mail to Stephen Kent at MMCC.


POS-2200 conforms to the same general standards you find in most Windows programs. Given that, having experience with Windows in general allows most people to navigate the system and figure out how to do things.

The objective of our documentation is not to teach Windows or general screen handling. Instead we focus on concepts and procedures. That is we answer the questions "what do I need to do and how do I do it?"

It is also important to remember that POS-2200 is NOT a single software package. In almost every case the base software is tailored to meet a client's specific need. The database and many of the procedures are common to everyone, but the outside, the skin, the user interface often looks completely different.

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