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Custom and Packaged Software

MMCC provides software solutions to a variety of industries and professions. Besides our packaged solutions, we also write custom and semi-custom applications.

Semi-custom applications are solutions which are built from components in our extensive library of prewritten software. In some cases we may have an entire system that comes close to a client's requirements. We will take that application and modify it to meet the clients specific needs. This saves time and reduces the cost as well as providing a more robust solution by using software which already has a proven track record.

The internet has become a major area of software development for MMCC. We build interactive web sites, off site data bases, and wide area interactive systems. Typical systems incorporate SQL Server data bases, Cold Fusion interactive HTML web pages and a variety of other such tools. MMCC can provide full site hosting and maintenance services.

Ever wonder just what's so hard about software? Many people are surprized at just HOW BIG a commercial software program can really be. Take a look at this picture.

Partial list of MMCC
Software Packages
Dental Practice Management
Freddy Real Estate
Inventory Control
Wholesale Distribution
Retail Point of Sale
Mail List Management
Membership Systems

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