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in 100 and 720.

720: OLD Auto Load

740: OLD Database list

760: DIR CONVERT (2023).

770: Audit issues and pages

780: Update Amazon/Kindle codes

790: Audit Database

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SPI-t010 admin menu
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SPI-0760.cfm rev 03/04/2024 18:36       ANALYZE RAW DATA FILES (2023-2024 format)       (2) {ts '2024-06-15 13:57:11'}
NEW FILE FORMATS Oct - Nov 2023:

In 2023 a new set of raw data files and page scans were implemented.

OJ sent new files to Josh.       Josh put them on a thumb drive.
Either OJ or Josh organized the files into folders by year.

Josh sent the thumb drive of files to Stephen.
Stephen uploaded the folders to the web server.

There are two types of file folders. They are identified by folder name as follows.
      (This is defined in more detail in the documentation file.)

      OCR_yyyy which contains raw pages for a year.

      VB_100_PL_yyyy which contain the page preview images we'll show.

          12/12/2023 There was confusion because some folder and file names included PI and some PL.
              You cannot tell the difference between I and L in some screen fonts.
              LOWERcase "ELL" (l) and UPPERcase "EYE" (I) are rendered exactly the same in a sans serif font
Font_Family examples:
          times           ELL: L l            EYE: I i
          Arial            ELL:  L l            EYE:  I i

              Stephen fixed each FOLDER named PI (eye) to PL (ELL).
                  The files all still have PI (EYE) prior to the year.
                  The EXCEPTION is 1977. Those files still have a PL in their names.
                  Scripts that need those 1977 files will correct that problem internally.

This script shows radio buttons (below) for raw data and image folders.
You click one of the folders then click "Load Directory" at the bottom.

The selected year (directory) will load and show varius directory information.

Click the file URL on the right end to show raw file in another browser tab.
You need to run "770: Audit issues and pages" independently to insure that all pages have been accounted for.

The first table just show that the ISSUES exist.

The second table shows the pages in each Issue. If a page has not been cnverted in this round, it's shown in the error color.

Select Folder:
RAW DATA FOLDERS (and files)
OCR_1976             OCR_1977             OCR_1978             OCR_1979             OCR_1980            
OCR_1981             OCR_1982             OCR_1983             OCR_1984            

VB_100_PL_1976     VB_100_PL_1977     VB_100_PL_1978     VB_100_PL_1979    
VB_100_PL_1980     VB_100_PL_1981     VB_100_PL_1982    
VB_100_PL_1983     VB_100_PL_1984    

    Check to show in-line diags.
      SPIf_Action: [none]

SPIf_Action: [none]
Select options then click Load Directory.

End right column, row and table         (in t900 rev 03/30/2024 16:16 )

t900 PUT BOX AROUND DIAGS 12/08/2023 17:17
t900 AFTER BOX around DIAGS 12/08/2023