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SPI-0000.cfm rev 11/28/2023 17:00       SPORTS PAGE MENU       {ts '2023-12-01 23:59:06'}

The SPORTS PAGE was a weekly newspaper published in Bay City, Michigan in the years 1976 to 1984.

The widely read paper was sold by subscription and deliverd to the home. Coverage included stories about all amateur sports played in the region.

In the years since that paper ceased publication people continue to ask if it can be revived. That is not likely, but the ARCHIVE of old issues is still in the possession of the publisher.

Recently an effort has been made to make the contents of the paper available on-line. All of the back issues have been scanned and are in the process of being uploaded to the internet. A searchable index will be made available, on a subscription basis, so anyone can search for articles about their friends and relativer, or even themselves!

Watch for more information on the exciting new resource.

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07-05-1976_THE BAY COUNTY SPORTS PAGE04.html
07-05-1976_THE BAY COUNTY SPORTS PAGE05.html

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VB_100_PI_1976/PI_1976_07_05-PG01.jpg 800 x 1208 x 24-bits 200dpi

VB_100_PI_1976/PI_1976_07_05-PG02.jpg 800 x 1208 x 24-bits 200dpi <---

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<cfimage source="VB_100_PI_1976/PI_1976_07_05-PG01.jpg" name="SPImyImage">

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Image has been set
cfdump SPIimgInfo
alpha_channel_support NO
alpha_premultiplied NO
bits_component_1 8
bits_component_2 8
bits_component_3 8
colormodel_type ComponentColorModel
colorspace Any of the family of RGB color spaces
num_color_components 3
num_components 3
pixel_size 24
transparency OPAQUE
height 906
source D:\Websites\bcra-mlscom\mmcctech\sportspage\VB_100_PI_1976\PI_1976_07_05-PG01.jpg
width 600

After the CFDUMP.

height = 906

width = 600

source = D:\Websites\bcra-mlscom\mmcctech\sportspage\VB_100_PI_1976\PI_1976_07_05-PG01.jpg"

pixel size = 24

transparency = OPAQUE


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manke_watermarked-600.jpg 600x912x24-bits 186dpi
manke_watermarked-800.jpg 800x1216x24-bits 186dpi
manke_watermarked-1000.jpg 1000 x 1520 x 24-bits 186dpi
manke_watermarked.jpg 2602 x 1003 x 24-bits 288dpi
PI_1976_07_05-PG01.jpg 800 x 1208 x 24-bits 200dpi
PI_1976_07_05-PG02.jpg 1024 x 1558 x 24-bits 200dpi
PI_1976_07_05-PG03.jpg 1024 x 1558 x 24-bits 200dpi
PI_1976_07_05-PG04.jpg 1024 x 1558 x 24-bits 200dpi

Test IMAGES shown in-line:

VB_100_PI_1976/PI_1976_07_05-PG01.jpg       600 x 906 x 24-bits       72dpi       107,864

New try from OJ - 11/27/2023
File Size = 107,864
DPI = 72


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SPI-t010.cfm rev 12/01/2023 16:30
now {ts '2023-12-01 23:59:06'}       SPI_TickBegin 1,701,493,146,756
SPI_template: SPI-0000.cfm--- end of t010 startup ---

Sports Page SPI-000.cfm Main Index.

<cfquery name="SPIq_Stories" datasource="MyBayCity" >
      SELECT * FROM mbc_tsportspage_idx
      ORDER BY SPI_Issue
SPIq_Stories returned 3256 stories. FULL COUNT OF RECORDS, all types.


SPIc-t900     rev 4/25/2020 10:38
  now: {ts '2023-12-01 23:59:09'}
  SPI_template [SPI-0000.cfm]

Tick counts from t010
SPI_TickNow 1,701,493,149,772
SPI_TickBegin 1,701,493,146,756
SPI_Elapsed 3,016